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Finance and Banking

Banking and finance organizations generate volumes of data. And the need of the hour is to be able to correlate, analyze and act on this data, such as trading data, market prices, company updates, and other information coming through multiple sources at lightning speed.

Money Laundering/Payment Fraud Detection

Money laundering and payment fraud detection can not only inflict great financial loss, it could also cause significant damage to the respective bank’s corporate image.

Streaming analytics offers comprehensive, real-time anomaly detection mechanisms to help banks and financial institutions to safeguard themselves from fraudulent activities.


Risk Management

In rapidly changing capital markets, it is no longer adequate to measure risk as an end of day process. It’s a fact that trading decisions can significantly alter exposures in a millisecond. Streaming analytics can be leveraged to support these risk computations and aide banks to minimize and manage risk.


Stock Market Surveillance

Unethical profit gain via artificially inflating or deflating stock prices, exploiting prior knowledge of company proceedings, advance knowledge of impending orders, and insider trading are common forms of stock market manipulation.

Streaming analytics is a great stock market surveillance tool that can spot even the mildest form of market manipulation, ranging from insider trading to price manipulations for profit gain in real time.