August 05, 2019
3 min read

Changes to WSO2 Cloud Pricing

WSO2 Cloud has been around successfully for more than 5 years. We introduced WSO2 Cloud Beta in 2014 and went on to commercially launch the service in May 2015. At that time we introduced a tier-based pricing model for WSO2 API Cloud and WSO2 Integration Cloud. The pricing for WSO2 Identity Cloud was based on the number of users.

Very recently WSO2 announced a new pricing strategy for on-premises customers. With the new WSO2 pricing strategy, WSO2 Cloud also rolled out a new pricing model for all cloud offerings from the beginning of Q2 2019. Following are the key highlights of the new pricing model:

  1. The pricing model is similar across all cloud offerings and includes just two pricing tiers, namely “Micro” and “Standard”. For those who have requirements beyond these two plans, a custom tier can be requested.
  2. There are no feature limitations across tiers. All the features are supported in all the tiers. This is a bold step we took to provide users the freedom and flexibility to decide on the best pricing plan in a simple and straightforward manner. The new approach to pricing places us in a unique position compared to other cloud vendors who restrict features depending on the pricing tier.
  3. Following is how each cloud controls the usage per pay:
    • API Cloud - Monthly API call volume
    • Integration Cloud - Allocated CPU and memory resources for the applications
    • Identity Cloud - Number of authenticated users in a month
  4. Public cloud pricing can be combined with on-premises pricing for the customers who use both cloud services and on-premises products. This eases the procurement process for users and also provides the flexibility to pay for both subscriptions at once.
  5. If you are running any on-premise components such as on-premise gateway, they are changed following the WSO2’s on-premise pricing.
  6. Standard tier gets one pre-production environment for free. If you are buying the Micro tier and if you want a pre-production environment, you need to buy another Micro tier subscription for it.
  7. Similar to the old pricing, users can pay on a monthly basis or annual basis. Those who opt to go for annual payment receive a 10% discount.

The following table depicts the resources you get in each tier for each cloud offering per month. As explained above, the numbers given below are the only controls imposed on the subscription.

Cloud Type API Cloud Integration Cloud Identity Cloud
Micro Tier ($6,000 per year) 20 million API calls 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM 1,000 active users
Standard Tier ($24,000 per year) 100 million API calls 4 vCPU, 8GB RAM 5,000 active users

What happens to the existing customers?

We will not do any changes to the pricing model of our existing customers. We will continue to grandfather them for as long as they wish. If existing customers want to migrate to the new pricing model, they can easily do so by contacting us.

We recommend you to have a look at the pricing pages of WSO2 API Cloud, WSO2 Integration Cloud, and WSO2 Identity Cloud. If you need any clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to us via [email protected] or our contact us form.