March 31, 2015
3 min read

Announcing WSO2 Connected Bathroom Manager for Enabling More Effective Enterprise Bathroom Usage Policies

In response to growing abuse of bathroom time by employees, today we debut the fully integrated WSO2 Connected Bathroom Manager (WSO2 CBM).

WSO2 CBM is a comprehensive solution that enables a Chief Bathroom Officer and Bathroom Operations Group (BOG) of an enterprise, to monitor usage and take suitable preventive, evasive and corrective action as the situation demands.

The core component of WSO2 CBM is the instrumented toilet stall. The stall comes with a variety of sensors to accurately measure all activity in the toilet and to stream events from them. This analysis is then real-time streamed to the WSO2 Complex Event Processor which combines the information to compute overall summaries as well as to analyze a particular users separate visits’ output over a period of time.

The WSO2 CBM Dashboard will allow the company’s Chief Bathroom Officer to monitor utilization of all bathrooms in all facilities in a single integrated dashboard. Automatic alerts will be sent when particular employees violate the Bathroom Optimization General System (BOGS) policies.

In addition, WSO2 CBM incorporates the advanced analytical capabilities of WSO2 Machine Learner, to provide deeper insights into both individual events and those that potentially affect large numbers of employees.

WSO2 also plans to offer a cloud version of WSO2 CBM for homes with teenage children. This is to address the big problem parents of teenage children have with the child spending hours in the toilet supposedly “getting ready”. WSO2 CBM works in concert with WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM) to provide complete control over teens’ phones, tablets and laptops in the bathroom.

WSO2 CBM and WSO2 CBM Home Edition are designed to work with other popular connected bathroom products.

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