17 Jan, 2023 | 3 min read

2022, a Year of Achievements for WSO2 CIAM

  • Michael Bunyard
  • VP Marketing IAM - WSO2

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With the start of a brand new year in 2023, it would only be fitting to look back on the past year and reflect on the developments and accomplishments of WSO2's CIAM Suite

For the second consecutive year in a row, KuppingerCole Analysts have recognized WSO2 as an Overall Leader and an Overall Product Leader in their CIAM Platforms Leadership Compass 2022 report. WSO2 Identity Server and Asgardeo, both components of WSO2’s CIAM suite, were evaluated in the report. This recognition from KuppingerCole is a testimonial to the development of our CIAM suite and its capacity to offer first-rate digital experiences for our customers, and it has also supported us in further enhancing our market standing.

Every year, WSO2's CIAM Suite manages over one billion identities for businesses and government organizations around the world. The products allow developers to leverage the power of CIAM without needing to be security experts.

The report gave WSO2 a "strong positive" rating in three of five categories: security, interoperability, and deployment, as well as a "positive" rating in functionality and usability.

Some of the key strengths of WSO2 identified in the KuppingerCole report include:

  • Flow-chart and natural language style admin and developer interfaces
  • Highly configurable risk engine
  • Connectors for IAM/IDaaS and many software as a service (SaaS) apps
  • Broad support for API types and IAM communication standards
  • Focus on API documentation, exposure, and security that facilitates customer application development
  • Good consent management features
  • Highly extensible and customizable

In addition to the KuppingerCole recognition, G2's recent Winter 2023 Reports recognized WSO2 Identity Server as a Leader, giving WSO2 even more reason to celebrate. This recognition from G2 exemplifies WSO2's dedication to developing innovative products for our customers, who have provided us with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The recognition from G2 was received in the following categories:

  • Identity and Access Management 
  • Customer Identity and Access Management 
  • User Provisioning and Governance Tools
  • Single Sign-On

2023 and Beyond

We intend to build on our success in 2022 by setting even higher goals for ourselves in 2023. You can expect to hear from us a lot more, and if all goes well, we hope to have many more raving reviews from satisfied customers to share with you, just like Hard Rock did in their testimonial video here.

We will also be attending the Gartner Identity & Access Summits in London and Texas this year to speak with attendees about their identity and access management challenges and demonstrate how the WSO2 CIAM suite of products can help them address those requirements effectively and provide their customers with secure, frictionless digital interactions.

WSO2's CIAM Suite is a world-class, developer focused solution that simplifies creating unique and compelling digital experiences while minimizing risks that can impede the success of your CX program. The WSO2 CIAM Suite gives you the flexibility to choose between an open source implementation, IDaaS/SaaS, or a private, fully-managed cloud-hosted solution to accomplish your unique CX vision.