the Bank to Shift Gears on Digital in 2022

Proven Insights with Real-World Strategies

Reprogramming the Bank to Shift Gears on Digital in 2022

With banks committing to disrupting their business models, the ability to create new products faster, bring them to market at scale, and maximize their ROI becomes a key competitive advantage.

Drawing from our experience in working with banks including ING, Crédit Agricole, and Société Générale, we present a series of e-books on future-ready banking.

In our first e-book, you will discover the following:

  • Setting the foundation to accelerate digital initiatives:
    Focusing on the organization, technology, productization platform, and banking products.
  • How implementation teams can achieve real-world success:
    Strategies for implementation, overcoming legacy core in rapid product development, critical skills, cloud computing, using AI for scale, low-code and no-code in banking innovation, ensuring resilience, and regulatory compliance and measuring ROI.
  • Digitization vs. digitalization vs. digital transformation:
    Punching through to genuine transformation to stay ahead of the competition.
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