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Navigating Choices: Asgardeo B2E vs. Okta Workforce Identity Cloud

Asgardeo B2E and Okta Workforce Identity Cloud share similarities, both facilitating secure access to essential applications like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce. However, crucial differences impact user experience, particularly for small to midsize businesses (SMBs).

Explore the table below to identify the solution that aligns best with your needs in terms of features, functionality, and support.

Critical Needs for SMBs:

  • Effortless setup and administration
  • Swift time to productivity
  • Clear, straightforward licensing
  • Affordability at any scale
  • Responsive, personalized vendor support


Okta Workforce Identity Cloud

Single Sign-on
Access Control and Role-based Permissions
Strong Authentication and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
Centralized User Management
Self-service User Portal
Password Management
User Provisioning and Deprovisioning
Highly Scalable, Multi-tenant IDaaS Architecture
Broad Application Support
Brute-force Attack Protection
Audit and Logging
Regulatory Compliance
Simplified Setup and Administration
Simple, Affordable Licensing Model
Optimized for SMB and Mid-size Organizations
Available for Purchase on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Support for External Identities on the Same Product

Distinguishing Features: Asgardeo B2E vs. Okta Workforce Identity Cloud


Asgardeo is significantly more cost-effective than Okta Workforce Identity Cloud, offering essential features for growing businesses at a fraction of Okta’s cost1. WSO2's straightforward licensing includes all the capabilities you need at a singular MAU price. This ensures inclusive coverage without costly, confusing add-ons.

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Simplified Setup and Administration

Asgardeo prioritizes simplicity in setup and administration, while Okta Workforce Identity Cloud, though powerful, tends to be complex 2. Asgardeo's user-friendly approach is particularly beneficial for growing organizations lacking specialized IT staff.

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Optimized for Small to Mid-size Organizations

Asgardeo is tailored to meet the core needs of growing organizations. It avoids the complexity of Okta Workforce Identity Cloud, described in independent reviews as too much3 and not appropriate 4 for smaller businesses. Asgardeo’s focus ensures efficiency without unnecessary extras.

WSO2 for Startups

Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Asgardeo is accessible through Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace, streamlining the purchasing process without establishing new vendor relationships. Organizations can utilize existing Azure marketplace credits.

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One Solution for Workforce and Customer Identities

Unlike Okta Workforce Identity Cloud, Asgardeo supports both internal workforce and external identities in a single solution. Asgardeo eliminates the need for a separate5 customer identity solution to serve consumers, citizens, students, and enterprise customers.

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