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WSO2 Identity Server

WSO2 Identity Server is API-driven, is based on open standards with the deployment options of on-premise, cloud or hybrid. It supports complex IAM requirements given its high extensibility.

WSO2 Identity Server helps you do single sign-on and identity federation backed by strong and adaptive authentication, securely expose APIs, and manage identities by connecting to heterogeneous user stores.

Leverage the power of open-source IAM in your enterprise to innovate fast and build secure Customer IAM (CIAM) solutions to provide an experience your users will love.

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Identity Federation and SSO

Enables federated access to web and mobile applications across multiple trust domains using open identity standards (OAuth, SAML, OIDC, WS- Federation) and facilitates SSO between multiple logged in applications.

Identity Bridging

Facilitates exchanging identity attributes and authentication decisions between heterogeneous identity systems in a seamless manner.

Adaptive and Strong Authentication

Enable applications to secure access with multi-factor authentication based on context, risk, and identity attributes.

Learn more about Adaptive authentication.

API and Microservices Security

Secure access to APIs and Microservices based on open standards.

Read more: Building an Ecosystem for API Security

Account Management and Identity Provisioning

Allows identity administrators to manage users and groups with automated provisioning and approval workflows across heterogeneous user stores.

Access Control

Controls access to applications in the login flow with fine-grained access control policies and acts as a policy decision point (PDP) for third-party applications.


Adheres to privacy by design and privacy by default principle by following industry standards and regulations with consent lifecycle management, data security, and enabling users have control over their personal data. Learn more about GDPR.

Identity Analytics

Provides the administrators with the insights related to authentication, concurrent sessions, and anomalous login patterns.


Open source and open standards help avoid vendor lock-in

Extensible architecture allows customization to support complex IAM use cases

Cloud-nativeAccommodates large scale deployments of millions of users

Effortless integration with cloud and on-premise applications, 3rd party authentication systems and social Identity providers

Hassle-free deployment and maintenance

Wide range of APIs for identity & user management, authorization and more

Easy integrations with a rich connector ecosystem

Lightweight, developer-friendly and easy to deploy

Unique flexibility by bridging identities between heterogeneous identity systems

Identity Server Success Stories

ELM uses WSO2 to manage identities of 4 million government program users and implement single sign-on to streamline administration, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

Eurecat uses WSO2 to separate data that the company needs, based on user access levels and attributes and helps manage authorization policies effectively for their e-health and smart home platform.

By using WSO2 as the identity management solution, Nutanix has grown its user base tenfold while achieving 100% availability.

Our Ecosytem

Build fast integrations between applications for federated and strong authentication, social logins, provisioning connectors and more.

  • Support for federated authentication with popular enterprise IDPs such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Connectors to strong authentication platforms like MePIN, Duo Security, Tiqr, Clef and more
  • Social login with popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more
  • Provisioning connectors to enterprise cloud applications like Salesforce and Google

Easy Integration with applications and tools