All Users Deserve Seamless and Secure Digital Experiences

Achieving exceptional digital experiences can be challenging, whether for employees, consumers, business customers, or partners. IAM is fundamental, and you need a flexible, extensible IAM solution to realize your vision. WSO2 offers the open-source IAM solution you require.

IAM Solutions
Exceptional Digital Experience is Based on Secure Identity and Access

Over 1 Billion Managed Identities Across
1500+ Commercial Deployments

WSO2 Customer Logos
WSO2 Customer Logos

Customer Identity

Create frictionless, secure and private access for your consumers and business customers.

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Customer Identity

For Consumers

Launch your consumer-facing applications confidently and securely, so you can identify, convert, and retain the right consumers.

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For Business Customers

Enable secure access for your B2B business customers and their consumers with flexible organization management capabilities.

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For Citizens

Accelerate government digital transformation to empower citizens with frictionless, safe access to public services.

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Workforce Identity

Empower your employees with secure access to corporate apps, no matter where they work.

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Workforce Identity

Unlock Secure Workforce Productivity

Give your workforce effortless, secure access to the apps they need. Enforce the right level of security for every action, including passwordless authentication.

Onboard Users and Integrate Apps Seamlessly

Automate user management and access rights using our built in user management tools or by integrating your own identity providers.

Secure Access Priced Affordably for your Growing Business

Take advantage of WSO2’s flexible, affordable pricing. It’s also easy to extend licensing for external customers.

API Access Management

Protect critical APIs by ensuring only authenticated and authorized clients can gain access.

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API Access Management

Enforce API Access Security with WSO2’s Comprehensive IAM Solution

Far more than simply managing tokens, WSO2 enables authentication, authorization, federation, privacy, and more.

APIs are Key to any Digital Transformation Journey

APIs are consumed by people, devices, or things. Managing all digital identities is critical in any API-based solution.

Ensure Effective, Efficient API Security at any Scale

Hundreds of organizations worldwide, from small startups to national governments, depend on WSO2 to secure trillions of API transactions annually.

One Solution, Multiple Deployment Options

Deploy how and where you need

Deploy how and where you need

Multi-tenant IDaaS

Asgardeo by WSO2 lets you deliver easy, frictionless and secure authentication journeys and powerful user management across all your applications

Installable Software

Identity Server is a powerful, modern open source identity and access management solution for your on-premises or cloud environment.

Single-tenant Private Cloud

Accelerate your IAM project with WSO2 Private Identity Cloud. Enjoy the freedom of a single-tenant private cloud deployment.

Learn how WSO2 is the best choice for your access management needs

Save 50% or more on your Okta Workforce Identity Cloud subscription!

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Advantage WSO2 in vendor support, deployment options, API security, and CIAM capabilities.

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Advantage WSO2 with true multi-tenant SaaS option, ease of use, and superior CIAM.

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Asgardeo outclasses Amazon Cognito with comprehensive IAM features for any cloud environment.

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The Foundation for Identity-led Digital Transformation

WSO2 IAM helps take your digital transformation projects to the next level, with richer, more interactive, and highly personalized user interactions. Build identity-aware cloud native applications for your consumers, business customers, and employees.

WSO2’s Integrated Platform
Powerful Data Transformation and Data Integration