Be your own NSA
Enterprise big brother

Making data driven operational intelligence for your enterprise easy

Enterprises today are leveraging vast data resources. Why should only the NSA have the leg up on intelligence? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

WSO2 gives you a complete pre-integrated solution for all your big data needs. This saves you valuable time in getting up and going, as well as giving you the most comprehensive solution capable of scaling from small to almost unlimited data gathering and analysis problems.

The platform allows you to gather, analyze, visualize and take action from all sources of data and operational intelligence - be it internal or external, real-time or batch.

Intelligence Gathering

WSO2 provides the capability to capture raw data from almost any source you need to make more intelligent analysis and decisions of your activity as well as those of your customers.

  • WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (WSO2 BAM) and WSO2 Complex Event Processor (WSO2 CEP) can capture data from any application, API or source, including file-based data. WSO2 has lightweight agents to provide raw data from numerous sources as well as support for lightweight gateways and proxies for APIs, data import for file based data or almost any other source
  • WSO2 Data Services Server can front almost all databases or NoSQL databases and provide raw data gathering services
  • WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Management (WSO2 EMM) provide mobility monitoring, allowing you to capture information about mobile application and mobile device usage
  • WSO2 Social Media Adapters allow you to collect data from major social media sites

Intelligence Analyzing

WSO2 enables the seamless combination of real-time (within milliseconds) and batch data analysis to optimize the usage of all operational data. With WSO2 BAM and WSO2 CEP you can

  • Calculate KPIs, averages, and other statistical analysis
  • Find trends and incidents in complex event sequences with ultra-fast performance in real-time.
  • Scale to nearly infinite size data and any number of analyses
  • Replay time and try different analyses to detect key sequences

Visualizing Intelligence

Visualize raw data or processed intelligence with various tools. With Jaggery and WSO2 User Engagement Server you can

  • Present the raw data and analysis, monitor the business processes quickly
  • Configure mashups, graphs, heat-maps that show you both historical data and real time data interactively.
  • Initiate business processes and monitor business processes from dashboards you create.

Taking Action

The WSO2 platform gives you the complete solution to take action from the intelligence you gather. Using WSO2 CEP, WSO2 BAM, and WSO2 Business Process Server you can

  • Trigger complex actions from any analysis short-circuits, quick action hits, liquidations, defcon alerts, escalation policies and offer solutions your customers can’t refuse.
  • Monitor progress of actions
  • Understanding the results of actions and success factors.

WSO2 Big Data Analytics Platform for Your Enterprise


The WSO2 Big Data Analytics Platform consists of these integrated components:

Data Collection:
WSO2 Business Activity Monitor
WSO2 Complex Event Processor
Collect data from files, streams, Java or other processes
WSO2 Data Services Server Collect data from databases SQL or NoSQL
WSO2 EMM Collect data on mobile applications and device usage
Social Media and other Adapters Collect data from external sources
WSO2 API Manager Collect data on API or services usage in your enterprise or outside your enterprise
Data Storage:
WSO2 Storage Server
WSO2 Data Services Server
Store in SQL or non-SQL databases
WSO2 Business Activity Monitor Real-time event and batch analysis
WSO2 Complex Event Processor Real time complex time-based event sequence detection
WSO2 User Engagement Server/ Mashups, gadgets, scripting language and tools to visualize and interact with data
Taking Action:
WSO2 Business Process Server Create complex action processes with or without humans to be triggered automatically or manually when events dictate
WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus/ Simple event based actions