SOA Pattern: Compensating Service Transaction - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

  • By Mohamed Usama Mansoor
  • 30 Sep, 2014
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Maintaining consistency has become a challenge in today’s disparate and largely distributed systems. Transaction strategies, such as local, programmatic, and declarative have proved such consistency for monolithic applications; however, when it comes to distributed systems, maintaining consistency has been challenging. Ensuring ACID properties for a services-based SOA architecture is one of the topics that is seldom discussed.

In this webinar, Nuwan Bandara and Nipun Suwandaratna will look at different strategies of compensating transactions and how they can be used to recover systems to the original abstract states to guarantee systems integrity.

This session is a continuation of the "SOA Pattern: Atomic Service Transaction" webinar held on May 2014 and will elaborate further on the following topics:

  • Understanding compensating service transactions
  • Handling different scenarios with regards to synchronous and asynchronous service invocations
  • Discuss solutions approach to achieve business integrity across stateful and stateless transactional workflows
  • Practical use of Try-Confirm/Cancel protocol for REST services-based systems
Nuwan Bandara Senior Technical Lead, WSO2 Nuwan is a senior technical lead who works closely with WSO2 customers on enterprise solutions. His experience spans on multiple verticals such as e-government, education, e-commerce and health care. Prior joining the WSO2 solutions architecture team Nuwan worked as a product lead in WSO2 engineering team and have provided technical leadership for products such as User Engagement Server (UES), Enterprise Store (ES), Mashup Server (MS) and Jaggeryjs framework. Nuwan has also contributed to projects such as API Manager and Carbon within WSO2 and to the Apache Web Services and Shindig projects in Apache Software Foundation.
Nipun Suwandaratna Senior Software Engineer, WSO2 He is a part of the Solutions Architecture/Technical Sales team. Prior to joining WSO2, Nipun worked at Informatics International Limited as an Associate Tech Lead where he was the Project Lead for Telecom Projects in the Java Team. Prior to that he was a Software Engineer at Virtusa. He holds a First Cass Honours Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Westminster, UK.