SOA Pattern: Policy Centralization - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

  • By Mohamed Usama Mansoor
  • 14 Oct, 2014
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In an organization, there can be a set of rules defined around the services exposed by them. These service accessible rules are interpreted as policies. A service can be linked with either one or more policies, and most times these are written in a service specific manner. It is very common that we run into scenarios where there can be a set of services that use the same policy. When a certain policy should be modified at a given time due to certain reasons, it can raise complications and overheads because these are service-specific policies. This marks the importance of managing the policies centrally to overcome redundancy issues and inconsistencies in syncing those overtime when there are change requests.

Policy centralization patterns can be introduced as the solution to overcome the above problems. Policy centralization pattern recommends that we keep the policies reusable defining only once and maintaining these policies centrally, which can be shared among several services. We can focus on certain policy definitions that can be applied to services, depending on the use case scenario. These can be identified as XACML policies, WS - policies, and throttling policies.

In this webinar, Suresh and Umesha will discuss the following key areas:

  • Importance of policies for services
  • Policy centralization pattern
  • Implementing the policy centralization pattern using the WSO2 middleware stack, and the importance of centralized policy governance
Suresh Attanayaka Senior Software Engineer, WSO2 Suresh is a senior engineer from Solutions Architecture/ Technical Sales team and former Identity Server team member. He is an in house expert in Identity and Access Management technologies and have been involved with various WSO2 customer projects
Umesha Gunasinghe Software Engineer, WSO2 Umesha is a Software Engineer – Technical Sales at WSO2. She holds a first-class honors degree in Computing from Staffordshire University, UK. As part of her final-year research project, she developed a web-based artificial intelligence chatterbot system. Umesha likes to learn new things and is interested in AI and Computer Security.