Ballerina: A Cloud Native Programming Language

  • By WSO2 Team
  • 20 Jun, 2018
On-Demand Webinar

Ballerina: A Cloud Native Programming Language

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Cloud native programming inherently involves working with remote endpoints: microservices, serverless, APIs, WebSockets, SaaS apps and more. Ballerina is a new programming language that is designed to bring code-first agility to the challenge of integrating across endpoints. Ballerina has first-class support for distributed transactions, circuit-breakers, stream processing, data-access, JSON, XML, gRPC, and many other integration challenges. It deploys directly onto Docker and Kubernetes. It integrates with common IDEs including IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code.

In this webinar Paul will explore Ballerina features and development - most of the talk will be a live demo together with a discussion on the motivation for creating a new programming language and the design inspirations.


Paul Fremantle CTO and Co-Founder, WSO2
Paul Fremantle

Paul is the CTO and co-founder of WSO2. He has a long history of working in open source and middleware, including work on Apache Axis2, Synapse and WSO2 Carbon. Paul recently received his PhD from the University of Portsmouth for his thesis addressing how personal middleware can improve IoT security and privacy. He is a visiting lecturer at Oxford University, and has published a number of peer reviewed articles and has two patents. Paul previously worked at IBM where he was an STSM.