19 May, 2020

Securing PSD2 Compliance While Boosting Your Open Banking ROI

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Securing PSD2 Compliance While Boosting Your Open Banking ROI

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
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WSO2 Open Banking 1.5 enables banks to fully comply with recent updates to the Open Banking Standard (UK) specification and the Berlin NextGenPSD2 XS2A framework while introducing full regulatory compliance for Australia’s Consumer Data Standards (CDS) v1.2.

However the benefits of your open banking technology investment don’t need to stop at compliance alone.

Learn how our latest release helps you go beyond compliance and publish custom APIs beyond those mandated by regulation, helping you realise the true potential of open banking. Leveraging the ability to publish a broader range of APIs enables banks to provide better customer experiences, collaborate more effectively with the fintech ecosystem, and meet changing consumer and business needs prompted by the COVID-19 crisis faster.

In this webinar, we will present:

  • An overview of our support for the Open Banking Standard specification, the Berlin NextGenPSD2 XS2A framework and Australia’s CDS.
  • Reference implementations for guidance on designing an adaptable open banking framework.
  • Lessons learnt from our global deployments.


Dassana Wijesekara Director - Solutions Architecture, WSO2
Dassana Wijesekara

Dassana is an Enterprise Software Architect, Fullstack Developer and Technology Evangelist with multidisciplinary skills and 18 years of experience in building, operating and evolving scalable enterprise systems. He is specialized in open banking and has helped multiple banks, credit unions and building societies to achieve compliance and provide more consumer centric products and experiences. He is an experienced coach and speaker in open banking, IoT, RIA and microservices. In his role, Dassana has provided consultation in business architecture, solution architecture & application design, data architecture and security architecture in many industry verticals which include banking & insurance, telecommunication, retail, logistics and government. He is an avid writer on technology publishing regularly on Medium and other platforms.

Raveen Athapaththu Software Engineer, WSO2
Raveen Athapaththu

Raveen Athapaththu is a software engineer with the WSO2 Financial solutions team, specializing in open banking technology for over 2 years. He has worked on different areas covering multiple open banking specifications including the Open Banking Standard in the UK, the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 Framework and the Australian Consumer Data Standards addressing feature development, CX, security, conformance testing and release management.


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