Save 50% on Your MuleSoft Subscription!

Switch to WSO2 for your enterprise integration and API management needs using our 100% open source products available for you to run, for us to run for you in a private cloud, or as SaaS. And modernize your architecture at the same time!

We will deliver a customized migration experience, with expert support from WSO2 specialists and certified partners.

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Save 50% on Your MuleSoft subscription!

WSO2 is a Leading Vendor of Integration, API Management, Identity and Access Management, and Internal Developer Platform Technologies

700+ direct, 5000+ OEM, and 25k+ open source customers in 90+ countries processing over 60 trillion transactions and managing over 1 billion identities annually
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Replace Any MuleSoft Integration or API Management Scenario with WSO2

Whether you're trying to get off MuleSoft v3 or MuleSoft v4, WSO2 products have you covered. We support every scenario that MuleSoft Anypoint Platform supports and much much more - from any kind of integrations to automations to services to API management.

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Low-Code Integrations

Use low-code development to write integrations with ease and deploy them alongside other code integrations with Micro Integrator.

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Integration as Code

Write your integrations as code using Ballerina, the only programming language that has cloud native abstractions and built-in integration fundamentals in the language itself.

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API Management

Manage your APIs with WSO2 API Manager, the market-leading platform offering full lifecycle API Management.

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Migrating to WSO2 Will Not Just Save You Money, but Will Also Modernize Your Enterprise Architecture

Application Architecture

Domain-driven development, microservice architecture, version management

API Management

API governance, gateway, developer portal, lifecycle management, API marketplace, API security, API analytics

Platform Engineering

CI/CD, GitOps, release management, configs, secrets, cost optimization

Infrastructure Management

Containers & K8s, serverless, environments, firewall, load balancing, geo routing, DNS, multi-cloud


Zero trust, encryption, secret management, TLS, authentication and authorization

Insights and Observability

Logs, traces, metrics, alerts, analytics, DORA metrics, business insights

Don't Just Take Our Word for It!

Run in the Cloud or Clouds, Run It Yourself, or Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Whether you’re completely in the cloud, completely on-premises, or hybrid, WSO2 integration solutions can span across them and within the enterprise security boundary.

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Go Cloud Faster

Securely migrate your existing integrations and APIs to a WSO2 Cloud platform and use them in all your integration projects.


Deploy your integrations to any cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP) to keep them close to dependencies while managing and operating them in one platform.

Inside Your Network

Safely access legacy systems and existing APIs, data sources, and events as part of your integrations without having to jump through network security hoops.

Go Platformless

Modern software delivery and runtime platforms have significantly impacted enterprise applications, but going platformless simplifies these systems further, retaining and improving the experience for everyone involved in building, deploying, and running enterprise applications.

Learn more about Platformless Go platformless with Choreo and just add developers
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MuleSoft vs. WSO2


Mulesoft Anypoint Platform

WSO2 Integration Platform

Great Developer Tooling
API Management + Integration
Developer Portal
Full EIP Support
Open Source Software
100% Free Connectors
Full GraphQL Support
Simple SOAP to REST Conversion
gRPC Support
Full Async API Support
Monetization Support 
Low-Code Integration
Cloud Native Programming Language Optimized for Integration
Integrated CIAM Solution for API Security, User Management and Beyond
Data Service Generation
Kubernetes Native Gateway
Monitoring Observability Analytics Proprietary monitoring tool offered as a part of Anypoint Platform Flexibility to choose analytical tools of your choice such as Datadog, Elastic, Zipkin, Splunk and more

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Cut your MuleSoft subscription cost by 50%.

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Easy Migration

Let our specialist partners and WSO2 experts do the work of migrating you to WSO2.

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Go to modern cloud native architecture on your cloud or ours.


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