WSO2 Carbon - 100% Open Source Middleware Platform

WSO2 Carbon

WSO2 Carbon redefines middleware by providing an integrated and componentized middleware platform that adapts to the specific needs of any enterprise IT project - on premise or in the cloud.

100% open source and standards-based, WSO2 Carbon enables developers to rapidly orchestrate business processes, compose applications and develop services using WSO2 Developer Studio and a broad range of business and technical services that integrate with legacy, packaged and SaaS applications.

The lean, complete, OSGi-based platform includes more than 175 components – OSGi bundles or Carbon features. The WSO2 Carbon core framework functions as “Eclipse for servers” and includes common capabilities shared by all WSO2 products, such as built-in registry, user management, transports, security, logging, clustering, caching and throttling services, co-ordination, and a GUI framework.


Powering Core Enterprise SOA Functionality

  • Mechanisms to provide and consume services, message mediation, service orchestration, service governance, business process management and service monitoring.
  • Support for EDA, MDA, and other enterprise integration patterns
  • Support for industry standards such as WS-*, REST and other binary and non-binary protocols
  • In-built Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities such as security, reliable messaging, and throttling

Extend From On-premise to Cloud

  • Deploy the same code in both a standalone Carbon server as well as in the WSO2 Stratos cloud platform
  • Create multi-tenant aware applications via the Carbon API without worrying about underlying complexities


  • Supports highly available deployments
  • Horizontal scaling via clustering with stateless server architecture
  • Dynamic discovery of services using WS-Discovery
  • Lazy loading via ghost deployers
  • Apache Zookeeper based co-ordination support

Synchronize artifacts across product clusters

  • Apache Subversion (SVN) based deployment synchronizer to manage the deployment artifacts for both products and services
  • Additionally supports WSO2 Governance Registry as a repository
  • Large number of server artifacts can be deployed easily in one go

Manage users across any Carbon based product

  • Supports authentication and role-based authorization
  • Supports pluggable heterogeneous user stores such as LDAP, Active Directory, and JDBC using custom extension points

Governance Registry Integration

  • Govern and monitor large-scale deployments, including clustered servers and cloud implementations
  • Applied across the entire WSO2 Carbon middleware platform

Distributed Caching

  • Supports the standard J-cache API
  • Tested and proven in distributed environments for boosted performance

Easily Extensible and Future-Proof

  • OSGi-based extensibility allows patching on the fly
  • Components not in use today can be plugged in as and when IT infrastructure demands it
  • Checkbox user interface where you start with a lean core and click to add the functionality you need - choosing from among more than 175 features
  • Equinox P2 provisioning identifies any dependencies and ensures that all necessary components such as additional management user interfaces are included


  • WSO2 API Manager
  • WSO2 Application Server
  • WSO2 Business Activity Monitor
  • WSO2 Business Process Server
  • WSO2 Business Rules Server
  • WSO2 Complex Event Processor
  • WSO2 Data Services Server
  • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus
  • WSO2 User Engagement Server
  • WSO2 Governance Registry
  • WSO2 Identity Server
  • WSO2 Message Broker
  • WSO2 Storage Server

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