Enterprise Store

The WSO2 Enterprise Store was created out of necessity for our products. We no longer believe it is well suited for others to use directly, and as such it will no longer be available for download. It remains a key component of several of our other products, but only as a component and not a standalone product.

If you are currently using WSO2 Enterprise Store as a standalone product please contact us

We will of course support it as needed or help you migrate to the right higher level product.

Organizations generate large volumes of assets. Business units distributed geographically and functionally often duplicate overlapping assets. These overlaps cause wastages in capital and time for enterprises. For this reason, the enterprise store is finding its place at the centre of a connected business as an efficient tool to discover, manage lifecycle states and monetize enterprise assets.

WSO2 Enterprise Store (WSO2 ES) is your user-friendly introduction to the limitless possibilities of employing an enterprise store for fully federated enterprise asset management. Development teams and business users alike can easily and rapidly discover, subscribe to, and utilize any digital enterprise asset to increase productivity and efficiency of an organization. With features such as customizable views of asset lifecycles and usage statistics, and the ability to change and manage each asset lifecycle, WSO2 ES is a very flexible and powerful platform to provision and manage digital assets. It is backed by the award winning WSO2 Carbon middleware stack, which provides enterprise grade identity management and stability.



Two Components, One Store

A powerful combination of storefront and publisher components make up WSO2 Enterprise Store.The multi-tenant storefront increases the visibility of artifacts and enables attribute-based and faceted search functionality to easily discover assets. The publisher allows users to maintain versioning and manage asset lifecycles from creation to retirement.

Social Ready and Future-Proof

The store is envisioned at the centre of a connected business and WSO2 Enterprise Store delivers by supporting unlimited custom asset types and action types. It is also embedded with social rating, commenting and reviewing functionalities to facilitate social interactions among users.

Managed, Monitored and Governed

WSO2 Enterprise Store provides an interface suited for both development teams and business users with multi-tenant asset lifecycle management via a graphical interface and integrated role-based access control and governance.

Extensible Modules

The 100% open source WSO2 platform and products combine seamlessly with WSO2 Enterprise Store to allow highly performant scalability. It further leverages inbuilt RESTful APIs to power its UI, so that external clients too can utilize Store and Publisher services. It also supports single sign on using external identity providers.


Plug-in Any Type of Digital Asset

  • Extension mechanisms to add new asset types such as APIs, Web apps, mobile apps, and services - all in one store
  • Increased flexibility with extension model enabling app-level and asset-level customizations
  • Custom lifecycles for specific asset types
  • Customize the subscription process relevant to the particular asset type such as download an eBook, subscribe to an API and install a mobile app
  • Customize views of each asset type based on required preferences
  • WSO2 Enterprise Store comes pre-loaded with provision for gadgets, websites with extensions available for apps and REST and SOAP services

Customizable Storefront

  • Improved usability with revamped store and publisher UIs and added functionalities such as Role-Based Access-Control (RBAC)
  • Responsive UIs portable on any device such as tablets
  • Home page displays for all asset types
  • Navigation menu for all asset types
  • Search based on each asset’s custom attributes, tags and/or categories
  • Faceted search which allows the user to refine the search results using category
  • Define taxonomies to classify assets in a hierarchical manner
  • Sort assets based on rating, name and/or date created
  • Individual page per asset with comments, rating, tags and other details of the asset for easy reference
  • Personalized ‘My Items’ corner to display subscribed assets

Customizable Publisher

  • Easily add new assets for a given asset type
  • Asset type based view to manage each asset type as a group
  • Graphical view of the entire lifecycle of an asset
  • Manage the lifecycle of any asset
  • Role based interactions to review and publish assets
  • Historical views of asset lifecycle updates
  • View of usage statistics of assets

Connect and Scale

  • Connect to enterprise user stores to provide access to existing user bases
  • Single-Sign on for Storefront and Publisher
  • Clustered deployment for high availability and scalability