MuleSoft™ Anypoint Migration Solution

Are you struggling to get a strong return on investment from the Anypoint Platform™? Customers and partners are migrating to WSO2 to provide a better platform with a better TCO. WSO2 offers a modern API integration platform that delivers your digital transformation business vision with more power, greater flexibility, and increased return on investment.


We found that the WSO2 API Management platform was considerably more flexible and met our needs more closely than the Anypoint Platform. Our experience with WSO2 was that they were responsive to our needs and the result is a powerful solution to our API requirements”

API Platform Owner at a $3bn revenue Nordic insurance company

Here are the top 6 reasons to migrate from Anypoint to WSO2:


MuleSoft’s limited support1 for cloud-native infrastructure hinders the progression into container, cloud, and kubernetes ecosystems


Migrating from MuleSoft 3 to MuleSoft 4 is a manual2 and complex process due to major changes between runtimes


WSO2’s future-proof platform significantly lowers TCO


Our platform comes with capabilities to leverage real-time streaming integrations and APIs


Our offering does not require third-party identity and access management tools3 to provide strong security features; our industry leading product is built-in


WSO2’s strong leadership position in the latest Forrester API Management wave report shows our strong vision and powerful execution of delivery

MuleSoft Anypoint Migration

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