WSO2 Serverless Solution

A privately hosted, serverless environment based on Apache OpenWhisk and Kubernetes, free from cloud lock-in. Available in limited access.

Underlying the platform is Apache OpenWhisk, which allows developers to plug existing event sources into the solution. It also allows the use of any preferred programming language as a function runtime, helping with re-use of most existing code, as well as user-defined custom resource limits. These combine to provide greater overall agility to a private serverless solution. And the best part is that the WSO2 Serverless Solution is a platform managed by WSO2 which significantly reduces learning, set-up and maintenance overhead for DevOps teams.

Solution Architecture

WSO2 Serverless Solution allows IT organizations to provide a uniform, elastic, and secure platform for reactive, event-based, and batch workloads.


  • Event Source Flexibility

    Plug any external event source to trigger your functions

  • Computational Elasticity

    Supports both short and long running computation

  • Programming Language Flexibility

    Supports Ballerina, Java, Node.js, and Python. Is able to plug into any other language

  • Scalability

    Scales elastically from zero to cater to your load and handles spikes by auto scaling the infrastructure

  • API Management

    Expose your functions as managed APIs by using the WSO2 API Manager

  • CI/CD Pipeline

    To seamlessly push the function code from the code repository to the production environment

  • Serverless Micro-integrator

    Mediation logic can run in a serverless environment

Solution Benefits

Private serverless environment - runs on any infrastructure or cloud

  • Industry-recognized OpenWhisk based service runs on any infrastructure (AWS, GOOG, etc.)
  • Helps ensure GDPR compliance

Freedom from single cloud vendor lock-in

  • Supports any event source
  • Freedom to use any programming language, with OOTB support for Java, Python, Node, and Ballerina

Open platform means better customization

  • Allowance to define any resource limit
  • Ability to add support for any language or language version

Completely managed service

  • Avoid cost/complexity of standing-up and self-managing the environment
  • Save time since there is no server management; automatic scaling and high availability are part of the service
  • Teams can forget about deployment complexities and focus on development, yielding improved agility

Support for continuous deployment

  • Integration with code repository allows automatic function deployment

Predictable up-front pricing and L3 dedicated 24/7 support engineers

  • Know your costs, reduce team’s operational risk

Availability and Pricing

The WSO2 Serverless Solution is immediately available on a limited early access basis. Pricing is flat and predictable, with both monthly and annual options available.

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