Telecommunication technology has gone beyond the simple message exchange to paying bills, ordering food, getting a taxi, buying a movie ticket and even finding the location of your loved ones. The technology landscape has expanded beyond the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and the Subscriber to application developers, 3rd party service providers like banks, restaurants, news, fashion and clothing and many other stakeholders.

WSO2 has been working with several telecommunication providers to transform digitally and build IT ecosystems which can cater these modern requirements and challenges. Dialog axiata implemented the very first GSMA oneAPI and GSM mobile connect specification within the asian region and became a role model for the technology by using WSO2 product stack.

Enabling digital customer experiences

Telecommunication industry may have their data in numerous formats and stored in disparate systems such as in the cloud, legacy systems, etc. Making these data available for the required entities in a timely fashion would help the stakeholders to attend to business requirements effectively and efficiently. To enable this, it is vital to efficiently integrate all the related data seamlessly.

Enabling Protocol support for heterogeneous systems and legacy applications
Aggregating data to more human readable consumption
Monitoring real time data: - monitor and analyze data about subscribers and offer customized services
Providing extendability to create more business values for customers (enabling 3rd party connectivity with less complexity)


  • Freedom and control

    Open source model that speeds innovation, provides freedom from lock-in, reduces long-term technology risk

  • Support and services

    Enterprise-grade production support and professional services

  • Speeds your integration projects with a broad portfolio

    The WSO2 product portfolio includes comprehensive integration, analytics, workflow and identity technologies, all based on a single platform

  • Deploy anywhere

    Have the flexibility to deploy on-premise, use the public cloud, or both. Easily migrate in between these environments.- saves money and time via better resource utilization.

  • Integrates more than just APIs

    Helping customers build agile digital businesses requires the ability to Integrate endpoints beyond just microservices and APIs, and includes Data, Events, and Streams.

Using WSO2 to enable digital agility within your industry