WSO2 Certified Micro Integrator Expert - V4

WSO2 Certified Micro Integrator Expert - V4

Target Audience

This certification is designed for developers who have a thorough knowledge of the WSO2 Micro Integrator and have already successfully obtained the WSO2 Certified Micro Integrator Developer - V4 certification.


A WSO2 Certified Micro Integrator Expert should be able to:

  • Propose a pre-sales solution using the following constructs.
    • Proper domain concepts and patterns
    • Complete and standard set of product feature set
    • Product architecture and message flows
    • Product extension and customization points
    • WSO2 connectors
    • WSO2 product integration with third parties
    • Product deployment best practices and migration
  • Deliver customized pre-sales demos, POCs, and samples according to given business use cases.
  • Deliver development services for the WSO2 Micro Integrator; this includes product configuration and artifact development.
  • Set up the Micro Integrator and dependencies according to standard deployment patterns.
  • Develop and deliver product standard extensions.
  • Deliver product localizations and recommended customizations.
  • Review configurations and artifacts of a given deployment.

Exam Content

This exam is based on the Micro Integrator 4.2 version.

Candidates should have a working knowledge of:

  • Triggering Messages
  • Mediating Messages
  • SaaS and B2B Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Debugging Mediation
  • Developing Unit Tests
  • Management
  • Artifact Deployment and Management
  • Observability
  • Mediation Best Practices
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Extending the Product
  • Troubleshooting
  • Applying Security
  • Deployment Strategy

Examination Format

Examination Format

Please make sure to read the Examination Guidelines before signing up.

Examination Cost: $150

Practical 1

Examination Cost: $200

Practical 2 (Prerequisite: Successful completion of Practical 1)

  • Examination Dates - 1st through 7th of each month (register by the 1st of that month)
  • Second attempt: 22nd and 23rd of each month - register by the 20th of that month

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