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The benefits to NOSi have been considerable, including the availability of numerous systems enabling public and private entities to work together to deliver direct benefits to citizens who are the end-users. This includes improved registration and access to applications, increased system operability, reduced time spent on integration solutions and improvements in their quality, and increased control and visibility in system communications.

In terms of development, NOSi started with simple integration solutions. As the project complexity increased the organization was able to take more advantage of the platform's features. With timely access to support all encountered technical challenges were resolved with ease and deployment plans were met according to deadlines. The support received was fundamental in deploying Kubernetes using best practices and migrating to newer versions.

The WSO2 OEM Program provided all the necessary building blocks from custom commercial models to technological expertise in accelerating the development of the solution saving time and money. Using this program, NOSi was able to embed WSO2 products within the platform and obtained the redistribution licenses required in rolling out the solution both centrally and at the customer premises.

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