Customer Stories

West Interactive Services creates communication solutions that empower enterprises worldwide to strengthen customer engagement. Each month, nearly 300 million unique customer interactions are facilitated by a WSO2 powered platform.

West's customer experience management solution architecture uses WSO2’s API management, integration, and identity and access management products. Plans are afoot to use WSO2’s analytics capabilities a well. All WSO2 middleware products are built to work together and share many common functions, minimizing the time taken the developers at West to get up to speed when they add a new WSO2 product. This in turn increases agility.

The company now handles over 3 billion automated customer interactions annually.

Why WSO2?

We were living on the cutting edge of development, and that was the case with WSO2's products as well. We were impressed with the company and knew we had found a good match.”
Pranav Patel, Vice President of Systems Development at West Interactive Services
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