Choreo DevOps

Release and manage applications on Kubernetes without compromising on security, reliability, or governance, across any cloud.

Accelerate Your Development. Empower Your Operations.

Choreo for DevOps is a SaaS platform that takes away the cognitive overhead and steep learning curves of deploying and managing applications on Kubernetes, so you can focus on delivering business value.

DevOps Capabilities

Build and Scale on Kubernetes, Anywhere

Build and Scale on Kubernetes, Anywhere

Run your APIs, services, and integrations on any private cloud, including Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or any upstream-compatible Kubernetes cluster.

Build and Scale on Kubernetes, Anywhere

Leverage Enterprise-Grade Continuous Integration
and Continuous Delivery

Leave troublesome manual builds, glue scripts, and clunky, unreliable deployments behind. Choreo for DevOps offers industry-standard Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tooling right out of the box, all without having to compromise on control or flexibility.

Leverage Enterprise-Grade Continuous Integration
Leverage Enterprise-Grade Continuous Integration
  • Use auto-generated continuous integration workflow templates and customize them to your unique requirements. Extend the templates with integrations from the Github Actions Marketplace.
  • Configure your continuous delivery pipelines to promote builds between environments, batch together dependent services, and leverage common release strategies like Blue/Green and Canary deployments.
  • Secure your builds automatically with built-in images and static vulnerability scanning tools.
  • Govern your deployment and release pipelines with continuous verification and approval policies.
  • Connect your existing CI framework and let Choreo build, deploy, and manage your container images and API specifications.
Extend Choreo with Cloud Native Integrations

Extend Choreo with Cloud Native Integrations

Make Choreo fit your business requirements by utilizing a growing selection of curated cloud native integrations, or choosing from over a thousand integrations built by the community.

Extend Choreo with Cloud Native Integrations

[Choreo] is directly integrated with a full CI/CD pipeline that comprises multiple environments (testing, staging, and production) and transition workflows between them, fully automated deployments to Kubernetes clusters, as well as tools for managing application configuration and secrets."

Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole

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DevOps Features in Choreo

Run the Choreo data plane on your private cloud.

Connect your existing systems with extensible CI/CD tooling.

Build, deploy, and manage any containerized workload in any language or binary.

Connect your continuous integration pipeline and use Choreo for continuous deployment.

Secure your code with encrypted secret and configuration management access controls.

Extend Choreo with a wide selection of tools and solutions like container registries, key vaults, and security scanners.

View audit and activity logs across all your organization’s data planes.

Customize and version Kubernetes resources and manifests.

Manage environments and release pipelines with approvals and other continuous verification controls.

Access 1000+ integrations from the Helm Marketplace.

How it Works

How it Works - Devops
  • Easily utilize Choreo’s powerful built-in API management capabilities
  • Configure environments on Kubernetes across clusters and cloud providers, on your infrastructure
  • Version, reverse or audit deployments easily (GitOps made easy)
  • Use Choreo’s built-in observability capabilities or connect your own observability stack

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