B2B EDI Integration with Choreo

Enhance your B2B communication with Choreo's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities. Transform your business operations, accelerate partner onboarding, and ensure seamless data exchange between trading partners.

Here’s how Choreo revolutionizes B2B EDI integration, delivering unparalleled value.

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B2B EDI Integration with Choreo

Empowering B2B Networks

Comprehensive EDI Support: Handle various business needs with standard X12, EDIFACT, and custom EDI formats.

Seamless Message Transmission: Efficiently send and receive EDI messages using Ballerina and WSO2 Micro Integrator.

Data Transformation Made Easy: Transform EDI data into formats like JSON, XML, CSV, and more.

Tailored Format Handling: Accommodate partner-specific EDI variations and custom schemas.

API-led Connectivity: Build reusable services with Choreo’s API-led approach, fostering agility and reducing time and cost.

Empowering B2B Networks

Enterprise-Grade Integration

Comprehensive Security: Managed APIs, partner certificate management, identity provider integration, and multi-environment deployment.

Flexible Deployment: Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid, Choreo adapts to your security requirements.

Multi-environment Support: Accelerate partner onboarding with Choreo's multi-environment support and CI/CD pipelines. Quickly evaluate EDI variants in testing and promote to production upon successful interoperability tests.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics: Monitor and optimize B2B transactions with insightful analytics.

User Management: Control and manage user access and interactions within B2B integration.

Enterprise-Grade Integration

Transforming Businesses Through EDI

Streamlined Operations: Enhance efficiency by automating EDI processes, reducing human errors, and eliminating manual intervention. Accelerate partner onboarding to respond swiftly to market demands.

Data Utilization and Enhanced Interoperability: Utilize extracted EDI data for informed decisions and seamless compatibility across various data formats and systems.

Compliance and Security: Ensure smooth communication while protecting sensitive EDI data.

Cost-Effective Scaling: Grow your B2B network without significant upfront investment.

Transforming Businesses through EDI

Multi-Language Integration

Consume transformed EDI data using any language deployed as managed components within Choreo.

Language Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to consume transformed EDI data in any programming language you prefer.

Enhanced Collaboration: Developers across different language stacks can work collaboratively, harnessing the power of transformed EDI data within their respective components.

Efficiency: By allowing developers to use their preferred language, Choreo optimizes development efficiency and accelerates the incorporation of transformed EDI data into your application's functionalities.

Multi-Language Integration

Choreo accelerates the creation of digital experiences, including powerful EDI/B2B integrations. Utilize Ballerina and WSO2 Micro Integrator to build integrations quickly. Manage EDI data with ease, monitor real-time interactions, and scale efficiently. Follow this guide to learn how to use EDIFACT with Choreo.

Explore Choreo's exceptional capabilities and redefine your B2B collaboration. Ready to empower your business? Discover more at Choreo for Integration Let's redefine possibilities together.

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