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Test GraphQL Endpoints via the GraphQL Console

Choreo provides an integrated GraphQL Console to test publicly exposed GraphQL endpoints of Service components you create and deploy. The GraphQL Console allows you to write queries and mutations interactively. As Choreo uses OAuth2.0 authentication by default to secure GraphQL APIs, the GraphQL Console generates test keys to test APIs.

Follow the steps below to test a GraphQL endpoint via the GraphQL Console:

  1. Sign in to the Choreo Console.

  2. In the Component Listing pane, click on the component you want to test.

  3. Click Test in the left navigation menu and then click Console. This opens the GraphQL Console pane.

  4. In the GraphQL Console pane, select the environment from the drop-down list.

  5. Select the required endpoint from the Public Endpoint list.


    The Public Endpoint list only includes GraphQL endpoints for which you have set the Network Visibility to Public.

  6. Enter the API path and the query or mutation you want to test.

  7. Click the play icon.


    If you want to generate a required query or mutation for testing via the GraphQL Explorer, click Explorer to open the GraphQL Explorer.

    GraphQL Console