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What is Choreo?

Choreo is a powerful SaaS application development suite that streamlines the process of creating digital experiences. With Choreo, you can build, deploy, monitor, and manage your cloud-native applications with ease, enabling you to focus on innovation and reduce time-to-market.

The Choreo suite comprises 5 profiles that work together seamlessly:

  • Internal Developer Platform is a full lifecycle cloud native application development platform to create, deploy, run, and govern APIs, integrations, and microservices on Kubernetes. Gives you the benefit of organization-wide productivity via self-service teams, governance and security, enterprise marketplaces, and business metrics.

  • API Manager is an enterprise-grade, API-first development platform to create, deploy, run, and manage APIs and services that integrate perfectly with your development practices across multiple environments. You can deploy to the Choreo cloud or any private cloud within minutes.

  • iPaaS is a developer-friendly, serverless platform for writing real integrations as code or low-code. You can create scheduled tasks, reusable APIs, or event-driven integrations, and build, deploy, run, and observe in a seamless serverless, multi-cloud, and multi-environment setup.

  • Cloud Native App Developer provides you with the flexibility to design, develop, deploy, and operate your backend APIs, services, integrations, and more with any programming language of your choice.

  • DevOps allows you to release and manage applications on Kubernetes without compromising on security, reliability, or governance, across any cloud.