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What is Choreo?

Choreo is an internal developer platform that redefines how you create digital experiences. Choreo empowers you to seamlessly design, develop, deploy, and govern your cloud native applications, unlocking innovation while reducing time-to-market.

The following are some of the cutting-edge capabilities of Choreo:

  • Design that leads to end-to-end security, governance, and operational efficiency:

    • Domain-driven design: Organize your enterprise systems into domains, exposing managed APIs, events, and data through projects., A project consists of components representing units of deployment.
    • Application security design: Cell-based architecture, where projects become governable units from development to deployment, ensuring managed access via APIs, events, and data.
  • Efficient and effective development:

    • Code in any language: Develop applications in your team's preferred programming language, harnessing existing skill sets to build powerful polyglot APIs, services, events, tasks, and more.
    • Native support for VSCode and GitHub: Seamlessly collaborate and manage code with VSCode and GitHub in a feature-rich and visually-enhanced development environment.
  • Seamless deployment:

    • CI/CD: Eliminate manual builds and unreliable deployments with Choreo's industry-standard CI/CD tooling, providing complete control and flexibility.
    • Multi-cloud Kubernetes: Easily deliver cloud native applications across Azure, AWS, GCP, or your Kubernetes clusters.
    • Configuration management: Centralize configuration parameters, sensitive credentials, and secrets across deployment environments via an intuitive interface.
  • Effortless management of APIs, integrations, microservices, and web applications:

    • Enable security: Empower security teams to manage data flows, ensuring seamless control over sensitive information like access credentials.
    • Scale up or down: Kubernetes handles scaling automatically, optimizing costs by scaling services based on demand.
    • Ensure reliability: DevOps and SRE teams can easily manage deployed components with built-in insights and observability.
  • Reusable digital assets:

    • Discover assets: Accelerate delivery times by finding and reusing digital assets developed by others via Choreo's library of over 400 connectors.
    • Control visibility and sharing: Publish your digital assets to a shared marketplace for consumption by internal or external stakeholders, managed by role-based access control.
    • Enterprise Marketplace: Choreo's secure enterprise marketplace fosters transparency and efficiency with granular access control for publishers and consumers.
  • Comprehensive observability:

    • Performance predictions: Optimize your applications by leveraging Choreo's performance predictions based on historical and real-time system data.
    • Anomaly detection: Stay ahead of issues with prompt notifications, ensuring balanced scaling and immediate action during unexpected mishaps.
    • Troubleshoot and debug: Quickly pinpoint and address root causes using detailed logs and data aligned in the same timeline, down to the machine-level details.
  • Robust governance:

    • DORA metrics: Monitor your DevOps efficiency with Choreo DORA metrics, experiencing rapid improvements in time from deployment to production safely and robustly.
    • Engineering insights: Gain visibility into engineering insights and advanced data analytics to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and improve efficiency.
    • API analytics: Understand API performance and adoption patterns to identify and resolve operational bottlenecks.