Choreo for Integration

Develop your integrations with ease: the developer-friendly platform for writing real integrations as code or low-code. Create scheduled tasks, reusable APIs, or event-driven integrations. Build, deploy, run, and observe in a seamless serverless, multi-cloud, and multi-environment setup.

Real integration is more than just point-and-click! Welcome to the developer’s integration platform.

Integrations as Code

Create and manage integrations as just code. Use your own toolchain and repository, and collaborate with other developers.

Integrations as Code

Polyglot Integrations

Write your integration application using the right code or low-code tool for the right component. Easily connect and deploy components in a managed way.

Low-Code Integrations

Use low-code development to write simple integrations with ease and deploy them alongside other code integrations.

Easy Event Processing

Easily write event-driven integrations with Webhooks, WebSub, WebSockets, gRPC, and more as just code in Ballerina or other languages.

Powerful Connectivity

Choreo’s polyglot approach to integration allows you to connect to any service, application or data easily and securely, no matter where it lives.

Powerful Connectivity

Connect to Anywhere

Behind the firewall. Legacy system. HTTP. Whatever it is, Choreo can connect with any system.

Connect to Anything

With 1000s of connectors to HTTP APIs (OpenAPI), event APIs (AsyncAPI), GraphQL services, legacy systems, and data stores, we can move data from/to any system.

Connectivity Governance

Govern which integration projects can access which systems with secure, shared credentials that are available in an environment sensitive way.

Developer Friendly

Choreo's developer-focused approach to integration sets it apart from traditional iPaaS solutions without getting in the way of professional developers.

Developer Friendly

Use Your Familiar Tools

It's just code: Use your own IDE, test tools, and documentation tools and commit to GitHub. We take it from there.

Seamless CI/CD

Use GitHub Actions compatible CI (or bring your own CI) and our built-in CD to deploy to multiple environments on multiple clouds.

Let AI Work for You

Let AI-powered code assist rocket your development productivity. GitHub CoPilot with VSCode will do half the work for you.

Ballerina, the Integration Language

Ballerina is the only programming language that has cloud native abstractions and built-in integration fundamentals in the language itself. Experience the ease of writing all aspects of your integration logic in a powerful programming language.

Ballerina, the Integration Language

Powerful Data Mapping

Powerful, recursive, graphical data mappings that are still just code. Edit the mapping as text or visually and reuse mappings as a service.

Network Data == Program Data

Data received over the wire is automatically mapped to language types without explicit data binding. Works with JSON, XML, EDI, and more.

Code == Picture

Every Ballerina program is visually represented as a sequence diagram with flow charts, making it easy to maintain and understand integration applications.

Cloud On-Premises

Whether you are completely in the cloud, completely on-premises, or hybrid, Choreo integrations can span across them and within the enterprise security boundary.

Cloud, On-Premises

Go Cloud Faster

Securely lift-and-shift your existing services (as Docker images) to Choreo and include them in your integration projects.


Deploy your integrations to any cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP) to keep them close to dependencies while managing and operating them in one platform.

Inside Your Network

Safely access legacy systems and existing APIs, data sources, and events as part of your integrations without having to jump through network security hoops.

Enterprise-grade Integration

Expose integrations as managed APIs, connect your enterprise IDP for comprehensive security, and deploy across multiple environments with built-in CI/CD, deep observability, and business insights.

Enterprise-grade iPaaS

Full Lifecycle API Management

With full lifecycle API management features, expose your integrations as managed APIs and promote reuse via an API marketplace.


Use the default identity provider (IDP), Asgardeo, or connect your own for SSO, authentication, and authorization. All your integrations are deployed in a zero-trust environment with mTLS, RBAC, and more.


Manage your integrations not only across multiple environments, regions and clouds but also across and within project teams and organizational structures.

Integration as Part of Your Internal Developer Platform

Integration is development. Development is integration. Facilitate self-service integration as part of every developer’s workflow with the capabilities of Choreo.

Integration as Part of Your Internal Developer Platform

Troubleshoot and Debug

With powerful built-in observability features (alerts, logs, metrics and more) which are deeply integrated to the Git revision of the code running, Choreo makes it easy to fix integration problems.

Scale as Needed

Let your integrations scale and run at will without worry within the Kubernetes cluster. Scale down when needed to save costs.

DevOps Covered

Deploy and operate integrations easily on Kubernetes in a serverless way without any complex DevOps skills needed.

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