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Panel Discussion: Boosting Developer Productivity with Internal Developer Platforms

This panel discussion will explore the benefits, challenges, and practical considerations of implementing IDPs within organizations. The panelists will share their experiences and insights on how IDPs can boost developer productivity, fostering collaboration, reducing cognitive load, and enabling developers to focus on delivering value rather than reinventing the wheel


Panel Discussion: Transforming Education with Tech

This panel discussion will explore the transformative impact of digital technology in the education sector, highlighting innovations that are reshaping student learning, operational efficiencies, and the broader education ecosystem. It will include a focus on how WSO2 technologies facilitate these advancements, particularly in achieving interoperability and compliance with educational standards and frameworks.


OSU & WSO2: A Decade Journey in Integration & Innovation

At The Ohio State University, one of the largest public institutions, we have ERPs, departmental systems, 3rd-party and custom-developed applications, and many other systems. That said, unless the activities are so enclosed or unique to themselves, there comes a point where data and/or interoperability is needed. A web page or app without data is just a pretty front-end!