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The WSO2 OEM Program

WSO2 offers a comprehensive yet flexible OEM arrangement to meet your technology needs. Our mantra is to maximize your investment through support, services, integration and innovation - adding instantaneous customer value and speeding your time to market.

We acknowledge a strong and collaborative relationship is fundamental. Hence, we employ a high-touch and trusting philosophy throughout. This means we operate openly and team with our ecosystem.




As a WSO2 OEM Partner:

Save time, money and hassle by replacing hard-to-maintain legacy or homegrown commodity code with a solid, affordable industry standard.

Improve your focus on extending and perfecting the parts of your product that provide unique competitive advantage.

Maintain a full lifecycle, through custom-developed patches and regular service packs, that you can distribute out to your end customers to keep them solid and loyal.

Experience world-class support services that work hand-in-hand with your support team to support end-customer success and loyalty.

Receive flexible licensing and support services options to fit into your business and operational models with minimum complexity.

Experience the ease of working with open source licensing to simplify present and future licensing issues.

The WSO2 platform is extremely extensible, componentized, and customizable. You can easily adjusts the whole platform (or any part of it) to provide as much or as little as you need. It is ideal for embedding, white labelling, re-skinning, and more.

Join as a OEM Partner according to your needs. Check out our specific programs for API Management and Security.