Embed WSO2 Micro Integrator

Your product requires integration with multiple heterogeneous systems in the customer's ecosystem. An integration tool kit is the solution for making the procedure easier and less complicated. WSO2 Micro Integrator is a battle-tested, production-grade integration solution that can be white-labeled and hardwired into your production system, supported by the world's best open source integration platform.


Build your business with WSO2 Micro Integrator

It's critical to ensure that your software solutions are interoperable with other software systems in your client's ecosystem when building them. Most product companies adopt code-based integrations that become unmanageable and unsupportable with so many disparate software code bases. Today's clients want off-the-shelf products to have built-in integration capabilities that allow them to easily interoperate with their specific ecosystems. The solution to this problem would be to embed a low-code integration tool kit within your software product.

A highly extensible, pre-built go-to-market integration tool that can cater to bleeding-edge architectures while also supporting low-code integration cases to assure your development and business teams' productivity while providing them with a low-code no-code experience.

WSO2 Micro Integrator can be embedded into your product to provide the functionality of an ESB, a streaming data processor, or a microservices integrator, depending on whichever feature functionality you need.

Our Commercial Embedded Partners

GE Healthcare

Why Embed WSO2 Micro Integrator

  • WSO2’s open source nature gives you free access for self-evaluation.
  • Capabilities for embedding with OEM's solution for your business models that are highly extensible and customizable.
  • Customized pricing & commercials to mirror your product launch & growth.
  • OEM partnership with stronger joint collaboration on product roadmaps and enhancements to meet partner solution requirements.
  • Helps reduce development costs with a ready-to-embed, lightweight integration tool kit.

Our Capabilities

Gain full control and visibility over your APIs.

A unique low code approach to microservices integration.

Manage an API’s full lifecycle.

A lean integration runtime embedded within your product.

Secure access to APIs and microservices

Facilitate CDC and ETL capabilities.

Monetize your digital assets through APIs.

Accelerated integrations with SaaS applications, databases and B2B systems.

Gain business insights and intelligence through APIs

Pluggable monitoring and analytics

Extensibility to provide enhanced offerings

Visually design, develop, debug, test, and deploy integration flows