Why Open Source for Your IoT and Mobile Projects?

  • By Jonathan Marsh
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  • 23 Aug, 2017

Open source technology brings significant flexibility to your Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile projects; it enables you to get started quickly without time-consuming licensing or legal reviews and protects you from vendor lock-in. It allows you the flexibility if needed to take the product in new directions, preserves full flexibility to commercialize your products, and ensures that the code is examined by many parties to ensure its reliability, security, and feature fit. Open source is where innovation is happening in enterprise.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider WSO2’s open source IoT offerings:

1. Ultimate adaptability

  • Best of both worlds: retain full control of your destiny with the open source WSO2 IoT Server WSO2 IoT Server, or get started immediately and let us manage your deployment with WSO2 Device Cloud
  • Create your own device plug-ins, or use our device models for RPi, Arduino, and more
  • Enroll and manage Android, iOS, or Windows phones, tablets, and displays
  • Define behaviors that predict and respond intelligently in real time with powerful analytics
  • Integrate with your existing identity system, or use ours
  • Integrate and automate with full API control of all WSO2 IoT functions.

2. Beyond the basics

WSO2 offers a complete package to help build value and new digital products on your IoT. Besides putting basic device management in place, we can help you expose APIs to your internal innovation teams, to an outside developer ecosystem, or to your mobile applications with the WSO2 API Manager/WSO2 API Cloud. Integrate these APIs with other systems with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator/WSO2 Integration Cloud. Introduce federated identity and multi-factor authentication with WSO2 Identity Server/WSO2 Identity Cloud. Build intelligent decision making that spans IoT and other data sets with WSO2 Data Analytics Server. WSO2 brings everything you need to achieve outstanding success of your IoT endeavors.

3. Enterprise grade

WSO2 IoT is built on a platform battle-tested in Global 2000 companies worldwide, handling billions of mission-critical transactions every day. Our customers appreciate that we provide enterprise-grade services, expert architectural and operational advice, regular software updates, and global 24x7 support services. WSO2 has been trusted for more than a decade by companies on the leading edge of digital transformation.

4. Smart analytics

Leverage WSO2’s streaming analytics to perform blazing fast real-time analysis of IoT data streams, identifying complex patterns and kicking off alerts and initiating responsive actions. Scenarios include security monitoring, abuse and fraud detection, predictive maintenance, anticipating user behavior, location monitoring, power optimization, SLA enforcement, let your imagination run wild!

5. Edge Computing

Deploying lightweight streaming analytics on the edge or a local gateway can optimize network traffic, implement disconnected modes, summarize and respond to local conditions, and more.

6. Android specialists

Many of our customers find paring our open source IoT platform with an open source OS such as Android makes for a powerful combination. Support local gateway patterns, kiosk mode, and more.

7. A smooth pathway for connected products

WSO2 IoT is well matched for building out the vision for your connected product, be it for home, industry, appliances, wearables, health care, etc. Set up a prototyping environment instantly in WSO2 Device Cloud, use it for demonstrations, testing, and development, and scale up into commercial production within the cloud or by moving to on-premise open source for more control. Integrate with other services to develop new digital functionalities. Expose an API to power a mobile app allowing users to monitor and control their devices. Expose an API to ecosystem developers to help your device play well with others. WSO2’s platform provides a solid platform to build more value around your product.

WSO2 IoT Server or WSO2 Device Cloud?

WSO2 IoT Server is available under the Apache 2.0 license, one of the most business-friendly open source licenses available. The same capabilities are available on the cloud via WSO2 Device Cloud. So which one works for you? Here are some guidelines that’ll help you choose:
  • For evaluation and demonstration purposes we recommend starting with Device Cloud; you get going with a free trial account within minutes. iOS certificates are preinstalled so you don’t have to undergo a certificate signing process before enrolling iOS devices.
  • For those requiring additional customizations, integration, custom device types, deployment within your own environment, we recommend WSO2 IoT Server. Under the Apache license it’s available for free. Commercial subscriptions include access to updates and 24x7 support and provide cost-effective per-instance pricing (instead of per-device) for large-scale deployments.

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Jonathan Marsh is the Vice President of IoT at WSO2. Since joining WSO2 in 2006, Jonathan has held a variety of business and technical roles within WSO2 and currently leads WSO2's IoT strategy.