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IDC InfoBrief : Customer Identity and Access Management

Unlock the potential of digital user experiences by adopting a purpose-built CIAM solution. In this WSO2-sponsored IDC InfoBrief, discover how organizations are directly interacting with customers through web-based applications and the identity tools they employ to develop and nurture emerging digital relationships.

Download the InfoBrief to explore the following:

  • The key components that make a great digital CX
  • How CIAM solutions can be leveraged for B2B use cases
  • Essential guidance to help you make CIAM work for you

The research highlights the following key insights:

  • CIAM improves CSAT results
  • A purpose-built solution is the best way forward for growing the user base
  • CIAM extends beyond B2C, with 62% of study participants using CIAM for B2B relationships
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