Customer Identity and Access Management

What is customer IAM?

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) enables organizations to securely capture and manage all sources and forms of customer identity and profile data. This empowers enterprises to better and more flexibly control customer access to applications and services. It also helps to gain insights into customers, with a 360-degree view, so you can improve retention.

Your ideal CIAM solution should include the ability to ensure a secure, intuitive customer experience that leads to deeper customer engagement.

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businesses will be spending $25bn
Did you know that businesses will be spending $25B for customer IAM leading up to 2023?

Source: Markets and Markets

Why should you consider CIAM?

For your business

  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty while maintaining their security and privacy
  • Use data gathered more effectively for business intelligence while ensuring privacy compliance with a 360-degree view of customers
  • Unify customer identities across your products, platforms, and partners

For your customer

  • Lower-friction access for customers facilitates greater product use
  • Enables customers to BYOID, simplifying logins (including social) and facilitating service engagement
  • Provide simpler user preference management, speeding service opt-ins

Components of a CIAM solution

single sign-on

Easy sign-in with

social login integration

Flexible identity federation and bring your own identity (BYOI)

self care portal

Customer self-care portal including self-sign up and a self-service dashboard

privacy compliance

Privacy compliance (GDPR compliant platform and privacy toolkit)

Analytics capabilities with streaming integration

Analytics and streaming integration capabilities for fraud detection

Role of customer IAM in digital transformation

Watch our webinar with KuppingerCole where our Deputy CTP and VP of Security Architecture, Prabath Siriwardena, explains the role that Customer IAM has to play in an organization’s digital transformation.

A maturity model for customer IAM

You could be at a point of providing basic SSO to your customers or maybe at a stage where you use machine learning to gain insights with IAM. Discover the stage you are in.

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How do we offer CIAM?

WSO2’s CIAM solution includes the fully open source WSO2 Identity Server and a comprehensive integration platform, including API management and analytics. It provides a powerful foundation on which to build a robust CIAM strategy, bridging all of your applications and identity sources. WSO2 Identity Server is a highly extensible open source IAM solution for CIAM. Watch this webinar to learn why CIAM is important and how WSO2 Identity Server powers CIAM.

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