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Introducing the WSO2 Identity Server Self-Care Portal

Now more than ever, customers demand immediate results from technology, particularly when dealing with a 24 x 7 global workforce. They often expect simple and easy services that are convenient. These include checking their user accounts online, anytime, anywhere, without making a telephone call or going to a physical location using only a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Waiting for the help desk to address locked out accounts or password resets ties-up valuable staff with menial tasks and makes users unproductive.

Basic Authentication for API Clients in WSO2 API Manager


Many organizations that embrace an API strategy would have experienced a situation where they had to support Basic Authentication (BasicAuth) for their API clients in addition to OAuth2 due to reasons such as clients’ reluctance to move from BasicAuth to OAuth2. This is even more so a case for 3rd party API clients and partner API clients who can be large in numbers, rather than for 1st party API clients, whom the API product managers have more control over.

Securing WSO2 Enterprise Integrator 6.5 Analytics Using Secure Vault


An application may have numerous configuration files—which are used to define how the application should function. Some of these configuration files may include passwords. Plaintext passwords in configuration files would allow anyone with read access to the configuration files to obtain them. Hence, having plaintext passwords in configuration files is considered a bad practice as explained in this Password Plaintext Storage OWASP article.

Streaming ETL With WSO2 Streaming Integrator

The current state of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) relies on streaming architecture. This is largely due to streaming data computation becoming common with real-time data and with the exponential growth of big data. In traditional ETL, transformation mainly focuses on data cleansing. Nowadays, data transformation has a different definition as it involves data cleansing, enriching, applying business rules, etc.

Asynchronous Message-Based Communication with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator


SMS - Short Message Service

JMS - Java message service

AMQP - Advanced Message Queuing Protocol

HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol

JNDI - Java Naming Directory Interface

Amazon SQS - Simple Queue Service

HA - High Availability