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One FHIR® Service, 180 Facilities, 36 Million Patient Visits

This talk will review how these services are saving money and resources, and simplifying the networking and security demands on the integration team.

Automating an Integrated API Supply Chain Using a Cloud-Native Architecture

In this session, Lakmal will discuss the importance of cloud-native architectures and platforms to build effective digital platforms.

Fintech Ecosystems & Consumer Experiences: The Next Generation of Banking

Dassana will demonstrate how this enables deeper collaboration with agile service providers, further empowering consumers to stitch together highly relevant financial services experiences from the bank and a rich fintech ecosystem.

Healthcare Interoperability Through FHIR® APIs

FHIR® is becoming the standard for healthcare information exchange. Murad will share Prime’s journey on how they have partnered with WSO2 towards this evolution.

CIAM and Securing the Integrated API Supply Chain

In this talk, Prabath will explain why customer IAM is an integral part of digital transformation, the pillars that make up CIAM, and how it fits in the digital integrated supply chain.

Building an Interactive API Marketplace

This session will present the capabilities of an API marketplace, how it can be used for all APIs at different levels in an organization, and how it easily falls into place in an Integrated API Supply Chain.

Moving to a Value Chain from a Supply Chain

In this session, we’ll take a unique look at value chains and how value flows in the API supply chain for products.

Towards Greater Interoperability With A Proven Integration Platform and FHIR®

In this session, Nirmal will introduce WSO2 Healthcare Integration Platform and demonstrate how it boosts developer productivity when exposing FHIR® APIs.