Register a mobile app

# Register a mobile app

To add login to your mobile application with Asgardeo, you need to first register your app in Asgardeo.

Your app will be registered as an OpenID Connect mobile app and a client ID will be issued. Note that client secrets are not issued for mobile apps since they are public clients. However, the PKCE (Proof Key for Code Exchange) extension is enabled by default as a security measure.

# Register the app

To register the app:

  1. On the Asgardeo console (opens new window), go to Develop > Applications.

  2. Click New Application and select Mobile Application to open the following:

    Select an app type
  3. Enter the following details:

    Create a new Mobile
    Parameter Description
    Name A unique name to identify your application.
    Authorized redirect URLs The URL to which the authorization code is sent to upon user authentication and where the user is redirected to upon logout.
  4. Click Register to complete the registration.

# Get the client ID

When you register your mobile application, a client ID is generated. Your mobile application will identify itself to Asgardeo with this client ID.

You can get this client ID from the Protocol tab of the application as shown below.

Get client ID of Mobile

# What's next?