Self-register as a user

# Self-register as a user

The My Account portal is in preview mode. We are working on adding more features to enhance the experience of the user.

Users can self-register to an Asgardeo organization from an application login page or by accessing the My Account portal.

A user can only self-register to Asgardeo organizations that have enabled Self-registration.

# Self-register

To self-register as a user, the user should follow these steps.

  1. Go to the login page via the user My Account Portal or a business application. Self register to organization

  2. Click Create an account.

  3. Enter the email address, password, and any other information that the application requests.

    All the user information that is enabled for a user profile is listed here. You can configure this list by configuring the user attributes.

    Account verification email notification
  4. Click Sign Up to create the account.

    If Account Verification is enabled for self-registration in your organization, an email is sent to the user's registered email address.

  5. If Account Verification is enabled, the user can confirm the account from the email.

    Account verification email notification

Now, the user can log in to the My Account portal or any business applications in your organization. The email address is the username.

If the user tries to log in with an unverified email address, Asgardeo will show an error message saying that the account has not been verified and shows options to resend verification. This is applicable only if Account Verification is enabled for self registration.

Login with unverified email