Try app login

# Try app login

Now that you have completed onboarding to Asgardeo, let's see how the application login flow with Asgardeo works.

# Asgardeo Try It app

We have already set up and configured an application for you, which is the Asgardeo Try It app.

Let's try a simple login flow in the Asgardeo Try It application:

  1. On the Asgardeo Console (opens new window), navigate to Home and click Try login with the Try It app.

    You need a user account to try out login. A dialog will appear prompting you to create a user account. Note that this dialog only appears if it is your first time.

    Learn more about various user accounts in Asgardeo.

  2. If you don't already have a user created, click the link for creating a user and follow the instructions.

    Get set
  3. When you are ready with the user account, click Continue to proceed.

    The process creates the Asgardeo Try It Application in the Applications section and redirects you to the login page of the application.

  4. Use credentials of a user to log in to the application.

# Customize the login flow

To try out a customized login flow:

  1. On the Asgardeo Console, go to Applications, and select the Asgardeo Try It application.

  2. Go to the Sign-in Method tab of the application and select the authentication method that you wish to try:

    Alternatively, to customize the login flow, navigate to Home and click the gear icon that appears next to the Try login with the Try It app card after you have tried the default login at least once.

  3. Once you Update the sign-in methods, click Try Login to try the customized login flow.

Note that the Try It application is a preview app which allows you to make limited configurations. Learn about all the configurations available in Asgardeo in our guides.